The Westmoreland River watershed lies within both Queens and Prince counties and includes the Victoria River, Stordy’s Pond/West River Nature Park, and Frenchy’s Pond. The river boasted several mills in the past, including Leard’s Mill on the west branch and Stordy’s Mill on the east branch, which was a recreational fishing hole for many years. The Westmoreland River Watershed Group (WRWG) collaborated with the provincial government and SSWA to undertake restoration of Stordy’s Pond (legally Sherren’s Pond), while the adjacent land was developed as the Westmoreland River Nature Park. SSWA continues to maintain the health of both the pond and the park.


The first local group to start conservation work in this watershed was the Westmoreland River Watershed Enhancement Group, followed by WRWG. When SSWA took over responsibility for the Nature Park, WRWG was laid down. 


SSWA appoints a representative from the watershed to the SSWA board of directors.