Celebrate clean, healthy water on the South Shore of PEI with an open-water swim. The event benefits The South Shore Watershed Association, a non-profit that works to protect over 100 km of coastal water and streams.

Swim for The South Shore

It will be the region’s only point-to-point open water swim event on Saturday, August 7th,  2021 at 10am, (rain day August 8th) to benefit The South Shore Watershed Association. This 1-kilometer bay swim begins at the boat launch and ends at the beach in front of By the Sea Kayaking, in beautiful Victoria-by-the-Sea.  Whether you’re a serious swimmer looking for a timed event, a triathlete wanting to practice in open water, a recreational swimmer setting a personal goal for your swimming or someone who is passionate about water quality and making a difference locally, the Swim for the South Shore is an exciting, challenging and fun celebration of clean and healthy water in our region.

Registration fee is $20 for an individual and $40 for a family-up to 6 people.


Swim for The South Shore: Each swimmer is responsible for raising  $50 to support The Watershed Association’s mission to advocate for water quality and protect and preserve the South Shore and the water in it. There is no fundraising requirement for support paddlers-there is a $5 registration fee for your support paddler.

Once you register for the Swim, you will be directed to create a profile through that can then be shared with friends and family via email, text, social media and other creative endeavors. Your supporters can donate online.

You can also fundraise by collecting pledges from your supporters and mailing or delivering them to The South Shore Watershed Association.

A variety of prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers!


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What is SSWA?

The South Shore Watershed Association (SSWA) is an association of independently managed watershed groups of the south-central area of Prince Edward Island, Canada. It was founded and incorporated in 2011 and obtained federal charitable status in 2013 (#810189407RR0001).

SSWA encompasses the following watersheds: DeSable, Westmoreland/Victoria, and Tryon rivers, Augustine Cove-Cape Traverse, and Seven Mile Bay, and their respective watershed groups (some active, some in development).

SSWA is managed by a volunteer board of directors appointed by their respective watershed groups. SSWA also employs a  Project Manager, Juliana Fernandes Granzoti,  who pursues funding for and coordinates the projects, hires summer students — and much, much more! The bulk of the watershed work is carried out by summer students, supplemented by volunteers who enjoy getting down and dirty whenever they can.

The creation of this regional association has many benefits for the individual watershed groups:

  1. – coordinated working relationship with government departments
  2. – hiring/management of summer students
  3. – more economical purchasing of supplies
  4. – greater PR/public education power
  5. – tackling of projects too large for one group to handle
  6. – regional short-term and long-term watershed management plans
  7. – publication of SSWA Tidings newsletter, covering all constituent groups