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SSWA Water Testing Sites

CURA H2O database  – All SSWA stream water monitoring data is uploaded to the CURA H2O online database which contains more than 6200 water quality data observations from over 670 monitoring sites across Canada


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SSWA 2015 water testing sites

sswa water testing sites


I constructed some graphs to correlate understanding of some of the data collected

We obtained a Nitrate probe mid August and began including Nitrate counts into our data plan

Below is a graph summary of some of the Nitrate data points
Nitrate graphwhat can we say about this data?

We don’t have an extensive data collection, but we do have enough to start being able to make general conclusions

  1. watersheds which are heavily agricultured have higher Nitrate counts in their water supply
    • Tryon and Ac-CT are over 75% coverage in agricultural
  2. forested watersheds have lower Nitrate counts in their water
    • DeSable watershed has the highest tree coverage
  3. something happened between Aug 25th 2015 and September 1st ??
    • Notice the sharp drop in the Nitrate count
    • The Nitrate probe is calibrated the same before every test day, so something in the environment changed !!
    • There was a significant rainfall on August 27th (55mm in a few hours)
      • How did this rainfall event effect our data?
        • Nitrate is water soluble– so we would expect the Nitrate to raise dramatically immediately following  a significant rain event
          • If I had done a water test on Aug 28th — I would have expected the numbers to be at their highest (I will test the day after the next rain event and see if this hold true)
        • The added fresh water from the event will dilute the Nitrate counts, making them seem false low
          • If I had done testing about Aug 29th -30th — I would expect the numbers to be at their lowest
        • Once the influence from the rain event has passed, Nitrate laden waters coming from their respective springs bring the levels back up to the range expected for their watershed


Graphs showing the Dissolved oxygen correlation to water temperature

Tryon Water testing sites:

Tryon Water testing sites

If you look at the map above, find Tryon Mill Rd (SSWA001) – that is station #1

Tryon Watershed – Graph for station #1

  • These graphs correlate “DO” ,which is dissolved oxygen and water temperature
  • you might note that as water temperature goes up, oxygen levels go down, we might like a warm dip, but fish love that 8 degree water straight out of  the springs

Tryon Station 1

The links below will open similar graphs for which ever area you might want to look at

Station #18

Station #6

Station #5

Station #3

Augustine Cove – Cape Traverse water testing sites :

Ac-CT Water testing sites

Station #15

Station #14

Station #13

DeSable Water Testing sites:


Station #12

Station #11

Station #16

Station #9

Westmoreland Water testing sites:

westmorelandWater testing sites

Station #8

Station #7

Station #17

Station #10