DeSable-Argyle Shore residents met at a Strategic Planning Meeting on Oct. 6th, 2005, to discuss environmental problems in the vicinity, including the ever-increasing pungency of the estuary.

The DeSable River Enhancement and Activity Management (DREAM) group formed as a result of this meeting, when residents from throughout the area decided that they would volunteer to make improvements within the watershed.

DeSable River and McIvor’s Point Watersheds Click to enlarge map


The overall Goals of DREAM are as follows:

The overall goals established by DREAM are designed to help achieve its mission and vision laid out by the founding members in 2005:

Goal 1: To create the healthiest possible watershed, containing pure, natural water and the best possible environment for fish and other wildlife;

Goal 2: to improve the depth, current and flow of the watershed’s streams and rivers;

Goal 3: to establish an ongoing process of evaluating and repairing all aspects of the watershed once initial restoration is complete;

Goal 4: to involve the maximum number of community members in the watershed improvement process;

Goal 5: to educate the community and increase awareness of the importance of the DeSable watershed, as well as how each member can contribute to its well being;

Goal 6: to identify and/or expand the number of usable public green spaces, outdoor recreational areas, historical sites and safe trails for the benefit of the community;

Goal 7: to support and contribute to the economic vitality of the area;

Goal 8: to work with all influential parties, including provincial and federal representatives, ministers, government staff, and other watershed groups to expand the understanding and support for watershed efforts; and

Goal 9: to continually improve and strengthen DREAM’s organizational capabilities and volunteer participation.