On Friday the 13th, approximately 60 grade 5 -8 students from Amherst Cove School joined the SSWA team in investigating the Nonnan’s Marsh in Borden.

This wetland has areas of both fresh and salt water marshes with lots of plants and wildlife to explore.

students explored the salt mash and discovered a large school of fish (the dark area is all fish, thousands of them)

The berm damning  the fresh water pond had both a cell fish ladder seen below and a draw down structure. Both structures were installed in partnership with Ducks Unlimited in the late 1990’s through a government program set up to improve the area after the completion of the Confederation Bridge


After touring the berm, students joined Connie Doerksen, SSWA’s Seven Mile Bay representation for a tour along the fresh water pond. Along the walking trail, evidence of raccoon (footprints) and fox (scat) were found, along with beaver chewed trees.

We discovered lots of waterfowl visiting the area. There is a Duck Unlimited youth hunting blind along the waters edge which intrigued many of our young visitors.

Thank you to Connie for organizing this trip, which we expect to become an annual event, our SSWA volunteers and and all our interested visitors.






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  1. This looks like an excellent field trip to Amherst Cove
    What a beautiful and large wetland area! Good work Connie for all the organization that went into this!👏

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