Cherished Older Watershed Images 2014

Cherished Older Watershed Images– South Shore watershed images 50 years old or more (left click images to enlarge)

This was the first year for this category. Entries were voted on by the 2013-14 AGM audience as their favorite. There was some healthy competition among these 85 to 107 year old photos. We are most grateful to those who shared these unique images and some of the stories connected to them:

Dunsford Mill & Pond
Dunsfords Mill and Pond
Favorite Older Image
Year 1

This family-held image of a once family-owned mill was the favorite. Dunsford Mill operated in South Melville, on the DeSable River, west of Rte 246, in an area of some steep and heavily wooded hills, as seen in the photo. The mill and even its pond are gone now. Photo is thought to be from the 1920’s. Photo entered by John Dunsford.

Another photo of Dunsfords Mill pond was also entered by John Dunsford. It dates from between 1907 and the1920’s (below right)Dunsford Mill Pond c1907





Postcard from early 20th century Victoria. The caption reads “Main Street, Victoria, P.E. Island” .  The colorized image shows a south westerly view from Main St. , featuring the 2.5 story storefront building that still supports a small business. The building’s earlier appearance has been mostly maintained. Note the hitching posts in front. At least one more of the buildings still stands leading down to water’s edge. Photo is a sentimental favorite of the family of Neil Dudley, who says it is dated 1907.

The last image entered has a handwritten label “Tryon River 1929”. It is a single engine plane with skis, at rest in snowy conditions, with at least a dozen onlookers. It is said to be the first plane to land on Tryon River, near Tryon Point. Photo had been in possession of Mrs. Mae Foy, and more recently the family of Donna Butler. 20140320_02 Cr

If you have any further information on these photos,  comments, or even thoughts whether this category should be extended in future, please contact Cindy