Linden Hill Pond

Myles and I were out to Linden Hill tonight, there was evidence of some beaver activity in the pond, with a few new sticks added to the little beaver dam.  […]

Floating dock goes in at Lord’s Pond

After much struggling and maneuvering, we managed to pull the dock into the pond and get the floats under neigh, thanks to Myles, Kyle, Cory, Meg, Cindy, Jamie, Bob, Caleb […]

Grand Prize Winner

Myles Lord Check out our new mask head. It’s time to say goodbye to the ducks and welcome an eagle as our photo of the year

Spring has arrived

The Kestrels are back and the swallows wont to far behind. It’s time to get those bird boxes cleaned for the new arrivals.  Myles and I were out this week […]

computer issues

Hi This is Kellie, we have been having terrible computer issues. so this is me making a post just to see if I can wish me luck