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computer issues

Hi This is Kellie, we have been having terrible computer issues. so this is me making a post just to see if I can wish me luck

Photo Contest

SSWA Photo Contest is now Open Thanks to our Sponsors   ADULT CLASS (Over 16 years) Steve Clement Representing  ION OPTICAL CONSULTING YOUTH CLASS (16 years and under) ADL

2018 Photo Contest Rules

 Featured image: taken by Michelle MacPhee Get ready for the 2018 SSWA photo contest  New Contest Rules Including four new categories:  “Close-ups” “Land”  “Water” “Wildlife” To view new rules follow […]

Amherst Cove Field Trip

On Friday the 13th, approximately 60 grade 5 -8 students from Amherst Cove School joined the SSWA team in investigating the Nonnan’s Marsh in Borden. This wetland has areas of […]