That doesn’t mean we’re done yet

Lucas was back on Monday to finish up some hours cleaning the Tryon River section above Lord’s pond with Gary and Myles

On Tuesday (yesterday) Myles, Gary and I were out to Camp Abby to finish planting some shrubs, milkweed and marram grass; put signs up on the rope fences, and build a walkway to the beach

beach walkway at camp abby

Wed – Myles is gone to work in town, so Gary is off and I’m doing paperwork

Thursday ( tomorrow ) Myles and Gary will be working down at Steve Airth’s cutting some dead spruce so they don’t fall into the estuary

Friday – they are planning to do some spring cleaning but we all know how plans change :P

end of anther week

It’s Friday again, after putting a wood duck box up in the Tryon river marshland and planting some milkweed, the crew is off stream cleaning in Westmoreland. This afternoon, they will be moving the donated Kelley Cross post office frame which will be re-purposed as a shelter for the Westmorland River Nature park at Stordy’s pond.

Next week is our last week with full staff, its been a whorl wild of the summer. Lots of little jobs to finish up

back to the fish shades

I constructed the fish shade benches at home, for want of power tools, and peacock approval :)

DSCF4239The coffer dam shade almost complete, there will be a hand rail added to this side of the rampDSCF4262DSCF4253

The pollinator garden shade has the benches added but not completed, and the ramp is still to go on

DSCF4266The rope fence has been added around the draw-down structure on one side, signs still to be addedDSCF4264We just finished up at sundown, was rewarded with a nice view from the pollinator garden shade DSCF4298view from the coffer dam shade, the water on the pond was completely still, made for some nice sites.DSCF4269

Tuesday Aug 9th

Were back at Stordy’s pond, or at least the crew is, Myles and I are going to town for building supplies for the benches and fencing.

The crew is planting the milkweed, installing a wood duck box in the up-water marsh area, and installing 5 swallow boxes around the pond.

when Myles and I return, we add the walkway up to the first fish shade. Part of the crew go to do some stream cleaning on the East branch while the rest flatten walking trails and add more rope fencing.

The full crew continue with stream cleaning for Wed and Thursday


Monday Aug 8th – Back at Camp Abby

While the crew was watering shrubs (once again), and tieing up the bio-structure (once again), Myles and Gary were helping me with the addition of rope fences.  Signs will be added to the rope fence informing people of the unstable cliff.

DSCF4215View from below with RFCPP sign back in place and rope fence upDSCF4222DSCF4228Tieing off materials on the bank so they cant float away during the winter

A rope fence was also added along the marram grass to stop beach goers from walking across it.  A wooded walkway will still be added as well as shrubs between the cliff rope and the bank


Adding the decks

On Friday Aug 5th, Local contractor Steve Airth came done to the pond to help level the posts for the beams and decks. A lazer was set up on the end of the coffer dam, so all the posts could be marked and cut at the same height, a very useful tool :)KIMG1706DSCF4214The post were notched for the beams, the deck was made off to the side and then secured to the beams and decked.

The crew from BBEAMA dropped in to help cut the paths down to the fish shades and cut areas where the milkweed will be planted.DSCF4209The procedure was repeated on the second fish shade, which not that it has to top is actually a shade

Logs were added back in the draw down structure so the pond will be going back to normal

Thursday Aug 4th has come and gone

On Aug 4th we began installation of the fish shade platforms

That’s not as easy as it sounds, we had to drop the level of the pond so we were working as much as we could in the dry. Sand bag around the hole so we could dig hole below water level.

The 6×6 support posts had spikes driven into the ends, were erected into the holes, had cement pours around the spikes and then berried. They were squared and had cross pieces attached to hold them while the cement driedDSCF4188